There are five (5) continents represented in Track King.
The main difference between the continents within the game is the cutoff and start/end times of races:</p>
    Please note: Times given below are based on gametime. Check the clock in the Track King header.
  • Australia
    1:00 - Cutoff for race instructions/scratchings in Australia
    2:00 - Raceday start for Australia
    4:30 - Raceday finish for Australia
  • Asia
    4:30 - Cutoff for race instructions/scratchings in Asia
    5:30 - Raceday start for Asia
    8:00 - Raceday finish for Asia
  • Europe
    8:00 - Cutoff for race instructions/scratchings in Europe
    9:00 - Raceday start for Europe
    11:30 - Raceday finish for Europe
  • Africa
    11:30 - Cutoff for race instructions/scratchings in Africa
    12:30 - Raceday start for Africa
    15:00 - Raceday finish for Africa
  • America (Nth & Sth)
    15:00 - Cutoff for race instructions/scratchings in America
    16:00 - Raceday start for America
    18:30 - Raceday finish for America

Your horses are able to travel to other continents to participate in Stakes and Cup races, however there is a small transport cost associated. (See Travelling)

If racing times in another continent are more convenient for you, you are free to move your stable to any local track in that continent that has a vacancy. Moves can be made during the break between the end of the 11 week Class racing season and the start of the next Class racing season. (See Tracks and weather)

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