Each week, you'll have the opportunity to attend yearling sales - hoping to find that young gem that you can nurture and train into a genuine champion! You can visit at any time you have the money and the urge, as long as it has been 7 full days since your last search. Also, it should be mentioned that although these horses are "yearlings", in the world of Track King horses are 'born' as a 2 year old.

So, when it's time to search for a (two)-yearling, you firstly select which of the 15 Local tracks you want to scour to find the best yearling you can. No matter how many tracks you travel to, you'll only bring home the best one you could find - but the more places you travel to the better the chance of a skilful foal. The quality of horse that you find when searching for a Yearling is also noticeably improved by one of the Specialist Facilities - the Yearling Scout Network. (See Specialist Facilities)

As with everything, there is a small cost involved to travel to each track which must be paid before you can head off for your search. And of course, you must have spare room in your stable to agist this horse! (See Stable agistment). This page also contains an Owners Club feature (See Owners Club)

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